Loglines of Feature Length Scripts unless otherwise noted. All are for sale or funding. The list below is in Alpha order by title.


“A covert government operative must battle demons from his dying father’s past in order to overcome a deadly international conspiracy.” - Canadian writer

Easy on the Eyes:

“A neurotic writer and a hunky actor decide to change their relationship from “friends” to “friends with benefits,” only to discover emotional complications that neither anticipated.” - LGBT, there is a female version as well.

Eight Point Devil:

A boy, a girl, a biker gang and a demon collide… Dawson, a painfully shy, yet brilliant, gas station owner ekes out a living in the lost highway town of Eight Point. For love and peace, Dawson unwittingly helps the local biker gang in a scheme to raise a demon and harness its satanic powers. All goes awry when the gang’s human sacrifice inadvertently becomes the demon’s master… but who really has the power to control evil? The town of Eight Point finds there is hell to pay when you try and beat the Devil at his own game.

Father Christmas:

"A struggling, single mom disguises herself as a man so her kids can have a dad for Christmas." - Canadian Writer


“A handicapped girl and a Metis boy join forces to save an old mustang from freezing to death and wind up teaching a whole town about love, friendship, and hope. A heartwarming Christmas classic similar to "Black Beauty" in nature. Suitable ages 8 - 98. This book has Canadian best seller sales with over 7,000 copies sold.”- Canadian Writer

Great Pumpkin Ride:

“If you camped out at a haunted cabin in the woods on Halloween night, would you leave your horse saddled? Everyone knows that ghosts walk the trail to Pumpkin Alley during The Great Pumpkin Ride, but when a group of young teens ride out into the night afterwards, none of them are prepared for what happens next! A fun-filled spooky adventure story suitable for girls and boys of all ages.”
Based on a book in the top 300 on Amazon-Canadian Writer

Greatest Hits:

“ Three of the Mafia’s most unusual hit men come out of retirement for one last assignment... “


“When is an accident not an accident? When it's murder! A sleepy island is rocked by two bizarre deaths as first elderly widow Eliza Bone is found floating upside down in her fish tank and then sexy crime writer Tiffany Hyde-White is found dead amidst her garden gnomes. The only clue is a set of gumboot tracks, men's size 8. The problem: everyone on the island wears gumboots.”
- Based on a book in the top 300 on Amazon- Canadian Writer

Hannah’s Great Pony Tale:

“Linda desperately wants a new barrel racing horse and talks her father into taking her to the local livestock auction in the hopes of finding one there, but when she sets eyes on the beautiful, and very pregnant, palomino filly named "Easter", all dreams of barrel racing fly out the window. All too quickly Doc Martin becomes a regular visitor to the McCloud family farm, leaving Linda's father to wonder just what he'd done. When Mother Nature enters into the mix, hope comes in an unlikely form.”
- Based on a book in the top 300 on Amazon- Canadian Writer

Jungle to Jungle:

“Jatin, an East Indian LA gang leader who travels to India to revenge his parents murder, becomes the hunted after his plane is shot down by the man he wants to kill, and now must use the skills he learned in the concrete jungle to survive the Indian jungle and find justice.”
- New Zealand Writer

Kill Shot Event:

“An elusive assassin races against the clock to clear her name.”

Land of Opportunity:

“Land of Opportunity is the story of Carl, a self-made man who decides to run for office on the wrong side of the immigration issue. He has to run for his life. It’s the story of Henry who finds himself on the run from the people who killed his brother. Together they seek the truth and find a life-long friendship.”

Little Bandits

”A group of orphans match wits with a greedy Nazi Colonel to save their orphanage and the irreplaceable paintings it contains. In doing so they knowingly put their lives on the line for each another, the orphanage and freedom.”
Semi-Finalist Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2012; Second Round Austin Film Festival 2011

Marvel Graphic Novel-Prey: Origin of the Species:

“The Prometheus Corporation has unearthed something ancient and dangerous in its underwater excavations, and now it's come to the surface to make humanity its prey. Their solution? To lure the thing back in the sea and kill everything within a five mile radius, effectively covering the corporation's tracks. And so a disgraced marine biologist must race against the clock and find a way to keep the ocean from being destroyed by the corporation before something even more dangerous is unleashed on mankind...” - Written by screen-writing guru Michael Lent, “Prey is a roller-coaster ride in the style of a summer popcorn movie that fans of SURFACE are sure to love!”
- Atomic Comics


“A megalomaniac who controls the world's energy and thus the world is dethroned from power by four unexpected heroes who appear from out of the past and fight to restore freedom.”

Paradise Found:

“A young man inherits a gay guesthouse and is forced to examine his sexuality.”

Road to Tombstone:

“Jealousy, history and revenge. Three brothers face their past to have a future.”- Based on the life rights of Wyatt Earp’s living descendants.

Room 32: Web Series based on an Award Winning Short

“Hitchcock meets Twighlight Zone. Each episode explores What happened in Room 32, each one based on a virtue. “


“A gritty crime drama set in Southern New Mexico. Sidwell is a dramatic action story that follows the rise and fall of young Sid Maxwell as he navigates the seamy underbelly of the Southern New Mexico drug trade. “

Taking Aim:

“When a young dancer is framed for her sister's murder by the French Canadian mob, she must go head-to-head with the crooks while on the run from the cops -- all in the dark and mysterious city of Montreal.”

The Dark:

"A high school honor student believes that an executed serial killer is her father and that he takes over one of the bodies of her classmates at night so he can continue his killing spree from beyond the grave."

The Green Line:

“Jane Marsh, 20 year old photography major at John Adams University, discovers her world is not what she thought it was. Her boyfriend, in a serious relationship with a male classmate, is struck by a train on Boston's 'Green Line' train
- and life as she knew it unravels. Her best friends, and roommates, Max, Holly, and Eduardo, all try to support Jane, while dealing with their own complicated lives.”
– TV Show

The Keeper:

“Grant and his fiancée Jana are on a cross country road trip when their car has engine problems. They hobble into what appears to be an idyllic town called Paradise Valley for help. It looks like a throwback to the 19th century; fresh-squeezed lemonade, shady trees and porch swings abound. The friendly townspeople act as if their arrival is expected; they’ve even planned an elaborate celebration in their honor. Grant finds their ingratiating hospitality unnerving to the point of weird and wants to leave, but there is no garage to repair the car. There’s not even another vehicle or telephone in this place. Jana, meanwhile, has become caught-up in the town’s “charm” and convinces him to stay the night at the only hotel.”

The License:

“For Prisoner 789562, there is only one way to freedom... but he’ll have to pass through the fires of vengeance, murder, and mayhem to get there.”

The Line of Departure:

“In every war, every man has his own story. This is the tale of two soldiers whose fates intertwine in the crucible of battle and follows them across continents, across oceans, and across time. “

Thin Line of Reason:

“To all those who walk the thin line between illusion and reality: follow your heart, but keep your eyes on the road. A Paranormal Thriller “ - Based on a book on Amazon’s top 300, Canadian Writer

Two Independents:

“A coming of age story. Rogue wolves, cowboys with crushes, and cattle drives await Susie Stetler as she steps into an unwanted summer in the mountains with her grandmother and eight year-old step-brother. The fifteen year old dread-locked surfer girl can only dream of riding the waves in California as she fights to survive one of the hottest summers on record.”
– Canadian writer

Velveeta and the 63 Fleetwood:

“When 19-year-old Velveeta Livingston inherits a 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood convertible on Christmas morning, she and a male friend take the car for a test drive where the image of Jesus Christ is spotted on the car's right front hubcap. The discovery of an undelivered Christmas present in the trunk sends them on a journey to find her long-lost brother, the religious sightings on the hubcap attracting an ever-growing and increasingly zealous crowd of believers along the way. “

Venus the Shape Shifting Vixen:

“A shape shifting vixen who mind melds with intergalactic visitors on her planet. A fun romp of an animation, best for adults.”

Winter Plantation:

“Winter returns to the Bayou with a killing force... and ancient evils comes home to take back what is theirs... “


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